Introduction to web design

Websites that suck
Web sites that suck

we are going to use xhtml rather then html5 to start

Suck Checklist:

  • Consistancy
  • readability
  • ease of finding info
  • not too many main links
  • clear body/nav
  • home to be 1st
  • colour (not kiddie prime colours)
  • not table based
  • mystery meat (clear links)

Things that suck in websites:

  • tiled background images
  • poor ‘white-space’
  • poor cropping of text
  • too many colours
  • too much scrolling when browsing
  • colour consistency
  • design consistency
  • font size, readability
  • too many main links, categorize
  • must have clear navigation
  • too much animation
  • primary colours, use with CAUTION!!
  • table based layouts
  • every link should be clearly named

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