SurrealPSD – Theories of composition & colour


Colour: Colour Theory (the manip way)

Blues usually have a soothing, calming effect.
Red is associated with danger, passion and even blood and violence.
Greens are connected with hope
Yellow is a very cheerful colour.
Purples and violets have been reserved for royalty (and the church) in the old times (because the pigment to create fabric with those colours was very expensive), while today pinks/purple/violet is considered girly.
Blues and Greens are for the boys. Blues and greens are called cool colours, while red and yellow are warm.

a) Complimentary colours
b) Harmonious colours
c) Absence of colours

Composition: Composition (the manip way)

Rule of Thirds
Focus at intersection or on lines. More Dynamic
Lines & Shapes
The human eye starts at the top left and ends bottom right. Good for flow.
Depth of Fields
Illusing of depth
Fore – bottom, sharp, strong rich colour
Mid – less
Back – desaturated, dull, blurred

Sharp/rich -> blurred/desaturated

Beware of Absolutes

Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds


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