Simple things to remember

This is a little post about little tricks in PS that i forget, i tend to bounce between PS, AI, Fl, 3DSMAX so unfortunatly little tricks i pick up often get forgotten. So this is in hope that i can recall this info by brousing this post!

deviant stock (lots in my deviate acc fav’s)

Bittbox free textures

vignette (my fav tool to add focus)

Adjustment layers:
Color fill
Gradiant map
Gradiant fill
Photo filter
Colour balance
Hue / Saturation
Brightness / Contrast

Blend Modes:
Multiply looks at the color information in each channel and multiplies the base color by the blend color. The result color is always a darker color. Multiplying any color with black produces black. Multiplying any color with white leaves the color unchanged.

blending modes explained

Filter > Render >
Lighting Effect


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