Intro to Graphic Design lect 2

A Good discussion today about what we all see as graphic design, gave a good insight to other people ideas, views, tastes and inspirations.

Also according to wikipedia Pride is an inwardly directed emotion.

I enjoyed hearing and seeing other peoples ideas of what is graphic design, i found it very helpful to discuss.

In my view Function, Purpose, and the way it communicates is possibly the best way to distinguish between Art and Graphic Design.

For my presentaion i chose a meaningful peice to me. It was a 2003 Reading Festival Cuffguide. It had a clear purpose, function, and communicated this very well.

I liked the feel of the graphics, it had and awesome grungy feel and the use of the colors really bought a sence of energy to the design.

I chose this specific piece as it has mixed emotions for me. First is the feeling of imense joy, happiness and memorys of great times (good charlotte being bottled off of the stage, after inviting people to do it). But on the flip side i also recall disapointment as it was the year my favortite band were ment to headline, but pulled out at the last minute due to the lead singers drug problem. As well as being the last time Blink182 played together until they reformed in 2010.

It was given to me free at the festival and was an alternative to paying ~£15 for a program. It serves as a line up for the festival, as well as having a clear, easy to use map on the reverse. It also neatly folds up into a wrist (cuff) band for a clever way to store it.

The design and high contrast black and orange colors work well, and is inkeeping with the feel of the festival, full of energy and and high contrast emotions. As well as suiting the needs of the sponsors of the festival (Orange Phone comp) So clearly the designers met their brief well.

Also the flip side with the map is produced in a calming green colour, which is easy on the eyes after a long days festivaling!. Its layout is clear, the typography is easy to read, and the important info leaps of the page easily. This makes it very quick and easy to glance at and get all the info you need from the icons, colours and well typographed text.

Another point about the use of green, while in spain many many years ago i asked a spanish lifeguard why they painted all the of the pools and floors in the waterpark green, he told me that it was because green is very easy/soothing on the eyes and helps against the chlorine in the water. (my spanish wasnt that good back  then) but this comment stuck with me.

It was designed in 2002 by Iris promotions, sadly their site is no longer around. I think this is a very unique take on graphic design, its works well, communicates to the user very well, and has a clear function.


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