Intro to web lect 2

Good lecture, was nice to get some hands on experianhce.

Given Typography brief

Web design tools: Brousers
Internet explorer

Dreamweaver (my pref using as NON wysiwyg)
Notepad ++
Textwrangler (using in lect) (

Brouser Tools:
Web dev toolbar (easily show page source, makeup etc) (info>display ID & Class Outline>Block level)
Firebug  (shows page layout with css etc)
Colourzilla (nice way to find colours on the web)
whatFont (shows fonts used on sites, add to favs)

w3c markup validator Important tool to check html validation, ensure compatability within brousers.

Shown standard folder layout of root folder /image
Starter page is always index.html

Base html structure:


base markup for html 5


Basic tags:
<h1> </h1> Headers 1=large 2,3,4= smaller etc
<p> </p> Paragraphs
<em> </em> Italics
<strong> </strong> Bold

<br/> Line break (NOT to be used to add spacing)
<ul> </ul> Unordered list, must contain <li> </li> list tags (bullet points)
<ol> </ol> Ordered list, same as ul but uses numbered, must contain <li> </li> list tags

How to achieve listception
listceptionpass marker


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