Masking – Lecture 3

SurrealPSD – Background Removal with Layer Masks

Background Removal with Layer Masks

Masks work well and make it easiy to revert and paint back in bits.


Space Bar – Allows you to use the mouse to pan around the screen, without the need to use the scroll-bars. Absolutely essential. (Love this one!)

Bracket Keys [ ] – Using the bracket keys allows you to quickly increase or decrease the brush size without accessing the dialog options.

D and X – D will set the foreground colours to default Black and White, X will cycle between them.

• Ctrl+ / Ctrl- / Ctrl0 – Ctrl (Cmd) +/- will zoom in or out, and Ctrl (Cmd) 0 will fit the document to the screen. Great for checking your progress.

Pen Tool

Awesome vid from SurrealPSD, cheers Dean

Advanced cut out, works well. Similar to Ai

• Hit ‘P’ to activate the Pen Tool or select it via the tool panel.

• Ensure the tool is set to ‘Paths’ in the tool settings menu.

• Hold down Ctrl (Mac: CMD) and click to move the anchor points or tweak the anchor handles.

• Holding down space-bar and dragging the screen with the mouse allows you to easily navigate around the image.

• Holding Alt and clicking an anchor point removes the curvature for the next point.

• Ctrl + and Ctrl – allows you to zoom in and out without switching tools, Ctrl 0 fits the image to screen (CMD for Mac).

• ‘Feather’ allows you to set the softness of the selection, value of 0 is hardest.

• You can use the Pen Tool to create custom shapes.

• Use Levels to add shadows to selections.

Image i started in class: work in progress, uses masking and perspective techniques shown to us by dean


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