Typography: Typeface vs Font

A typeface is a family of leters, characters, symbols and punctuation and other marks that show similar design(+ -). e.g. Ariel, Hervetica, Verdana.

Typeface is measured standard points (pts)

A font was traditionally something physical. such as metal type characters. A type foundry is a company that designs and/or distributes type faces.

Thesedays Fonts and Typeface mean the same thing.

Tracking is the space between letters in equal amounts. (horizontal)
Leading works vertically spacing lines of wording in equal amounts. (verticle)
Kerning is the space between 2 or more individual characters (horizontal)

Fonts can be devided into 2 types, serif and serif sans. Serif s have tails and decorative pieces coming from the characters.







Other typefaces can be categorised as: slab-serif, script fonts, Monospaced, and Display fonts.

Type Anatomy

[scan pic i drew and insert when next @ uni]
1 Ascender height
2 X-height
3 Descender height
4 Baseline
5 Capital letters
6 Undercase letters
7 Cap height

Joined letters

Fonts can convey more then just information, and very important to the psycology grapgic design. They add to the flow/direction of the piece, contrast, rhythm.


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