Building basic web pages | A Web Standardistas’ Approach

Don’t use spaces in your file names. Ever.
Finally, upper- and lowercase can be interpreted differently on different systems. Windows
systems are case insensitive whereas Linux systems are not.

Use only lowercase letters when naming files.
Follow this rule, and you won’t run the risk of your page not being found because of the
difference in upper- and lowercase letters in the file name.

Learning from others: How to view source.
We can start to explore how other designers use tags to structure their web pages.
The best way to do this is to load up a web page and use your browser’s View Source feature to see the original behind-the- scenes code that underlies the page.

The wonderful thing about the Web, and what makes it easy to learn from others’ Web
pages, is the ability to use the View Source menu command in your browser to view the
underlying source code for almost any web page.

It all starts with a DOCTYPE
The DOCTYPE informs the browser which flavor of HTML or XHTML you’re using.
The DOCTYPE is an additional, but important, part of your web page that tells the browser
how to display the page and what language has been used to mark it up. The DOCTYPE
needs to come before your opening <html> tag.

Commenting your markup
Comments open with a <!– and close with a –>>; anything included between these markers is not displayed in the browser. This can be very useful for a number of reasons: a comment could serve as a note to remind you why you structured a document a particular way, a note to indicate when you changed the document, a note to a friend working on the same web page, or a means of hiding parts of the document itself. This latter use can be particularly useful when testing, enabling you to switch the display of elements on or off.


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