DSLR cameras

Been playing with the DSLR cameras, had a cannon 350D, i think.

The idea was to experiment with the cameras shutter speed and aperature settings in order to learn about the camera and hopefully get some nice stock images.

These are my favorite 2 images, they are clear, high quality pictures and not too bad for a first time use. I could have gotten better pictures but was determined to use the manual settings on the camera. The lighting is pritty good, could have been improved by using a bounce board to direct light up to shadowed area on the bottom side of the face.

In still cameras, the term shutter speed represents the time that the shutter remains open when taking a photograph. Along with the aperture of the lens (also called f-number), it determines the amount of light that reaches the film or sensor.

This is a pinwheel photographed at three different shutter speeds (fast to slow) Slower shutter speeds are often selected to suggest movement in a still photograph of a moving subject. (blur)

After speaking with a friend who is a photographer in his spare time, he advised me to shoot in RAW format as it pritty much allows you to change the picture settings as if you are shooting it again.


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