Creative typeface’s that i like

This type face is called Futura 001: Hirsute,by Craid Ward

I think it is very creative and looks amazing, but i am not sure how it would work in a piece

These typeface’s were taken from i chose them because i liked how unique, different, stylish they are. I particulary like the grunge and retro constructivism inspired fonts, such as Futura 100: Hirsute, Infected & Grid.

I also really like the look of the more modern, clean cut, flowing fonts such as Squaretype b1 or Knarf Art Font.

I am also drawn to the retro looking fonts such as Amputa Bangiz Standard TTF, The Thunderbop Font Final and Paranoid. I feel this would made a good typeface for banners or posters. Especially retro propoganda type posters.

Some links:
Links to examples of unique and creative typefaces (in web)

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