Assignment 1 | Aspirations…


This is a scan of a brainstorm i have done. I was trying to get down all the things in my background that i feel has given me shape as a person. As you know i come from a background in Law, i was there for many years, so naturally it is a large part of my life. Before i went into law i had always been interested in graphic design, however after GCSE there was no real option availible to me to continue on this path. Even while i was studying law i quickly found my interest in producing media on my computer outgrowing that of my studies.

Online RPG’s or MMORPG’s are also a large part of my background, infact prolly over half of my life has involved me playing computer games with friends in some respect, wether online, or gathered around my TV with 4 friends playing Mario Kart. So it would be foolish of me not to consider these aspects. Drawing great inspiration from the games and the art, to working with friends to progress, allowing for truly unique ideas to form with various perspectives and inputs. I have always been interest in computers, everything from building them, gaming,  programming even designing and making my own cases.


This is a scan of a brainstorm i have done. I was trying to get down all the thingst that i would like to aspire to do. Clearly i am still very influenced in all types of media, but my number one aspiration would have to be to find a job i truely love. wether its working with games, or designing products or animations. I want to be number one, truely push myself and be happy with myself. Everyone has dreams like working for Blizzard etc, but i think that by really working hard and pushing myself into different things i can get there. But no man is an island and teams like those at Blizzard work in highly qualified groups. Therefor it should be an important area of my manifesto to promote teamwork for the conception and application of ideas. No man is an island.

Field of study

This is a scan of a brainstorm i have done. I was trying to get down all the potential fields of study. I considered everything from consultant, to copyright. However being a creative person i feel i would be wasted not applying my talents in design directly. Infact i would probaly not enjoy, not working directly with the materials. Whether its motion, game, marketing, web or academic much of my manifesto would still apply. Even though the fields are vastly different, then key points are the same. Work hard, be creative, have good ideas, apply them very well and enjoy what you do.


This is a scan of a brainstorm i have done. I was trying to get down all the different sources of inspiration. Inspiration can come from anywhere, books, tv, music, games, even conversations. Friends and family are just as important as inspiration as books and film. Often their unique and different approach to things helps you conceptualise in different ways and see things differently. On the brain storm i have even listed a few of my main inspirations for my style, David Firth and Jhonen Vasquez. I have been a huge fan of their work for a long time and have even met them on occasion. Meeting them was probaly the main reason i wanted to get back into graphic design. Their words of encouragement ment alot to me.

A large area of inspiration i feel is taking a piece of work you really like and deconstucting it. After which you attempt to put it back together in the same way. Try to get as close as you can. This is imitation, but it gives you a real feel for the techniqes used, it is truly remarkable how discredited, and underused imitation is as a learning tool & technique. It is from this that you develop YOUR style as a designer and create unique pieces of work, which if you are any good will inturn be copied.

Key areas i want to mention
This is a list of key areas i feel that i want to mention in my manifesto

My inspiration
Movements i ally with
Trying new things
KISS theory of methodologies
Carry on thinking, know you can do more
Help others
colaborate, composition, not as a collective
Be unique
find your own style
Stop Making Crap
First do no harm”
The gap
Bruce Mau’s Incomplete Manifesto for Growth

PS always carry a notepad.


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