Assignment 1 | Research

I did not really have a clue about how to write a manifesto. Where do i start? what to write about? how do i write about it? Given this I thought i must look into it.

I was able to borrow a copy of ‘100 Artists’ manifestos, by Alex Danchev’. It was an excellent review of creative responses from key minds across the century in response to the eras that shaped us today. Alas i still did not know how to write a manifesto for ME.

This lead to me doing several brainstorms. I wrote the subject areas given in the brief on a piece of paper and wrote down what was important, meaningful etc.

I then went to look for more examples of manifestos that i felt i could relate to. There was literally hundreds of them written by designers, gamers, you name it.

I chose to look at a few more closely and to try an anaylse the key concepts a bit more, and discuss the theories within the texts. As well as find a suitible method for writing an manifesto.

After looking at the manifesto’s, compared to others, i found that the actual method and format of a manifesto can takein any form. Whether its bullet points, a numbered list or just one long written piece. Not only the format changed but the content too, some manifestos where a list of intentions, opinions, rules, guides to life, objectives or motives. And some seemed to be more on the side of a creative piece of writting. This sort of helped me get a clearer idea of the form in which a manifesto could be written, but the scope was very wide still.

I came across a video clip on the Guardian newspaper’s site. It served to emphesise the use of language in a manifesto, particularly the use of adjectives and similes to give a disciptive and creative approach to their work. I felt that this method of writing was particularly good for a creative art manifesto, it enabled the writers to inject more character into their manifesto, making it more interesting to read as well as adding another level of creativity to express their movement.

I feel this has given me a clearer view of what i want to include in my manifesto and also how to start it.


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