Assessment 1 | What to inc

So Now What?
For my piece I think I will go for a more traditional story style, with an introduction, middle and end rather then an ordered, or unordered list. I feel and ordered list would wrongly put a sense of importance onto each comment, whereas I would prefer it to be read together, and portray my belief that they are all as important as each other.

Points to Include:
I want to get across my interest, as after all it is my manifesto.

    • gaming

    • design

    • art

    • computers

  • Make a point of not being political.

  • Experimenting

  • Inventive

  • To keep things simple.

  • Unique

  • Down to earth, help people, work with them.

  • Mention manifestos that inspire me

    • Mau

    • Miura

    • Cavedogstudio

I want to come across similar to the manifesto’s of Mau, Miura and Cavedogstudio. Not angry or satirical in nature, but rather as a guide of good practice, beliefs and ways to work. Not necessarily a list, but more of a guide set out in short paragraphs.

My Style:

  • Ordered list

  • Unordered list

  • Poem

  • Pro’s

  • Small paragraphs

I did want to format my manifesto in the style of a magazine I came across while researching layouts, Zembia magazine issue 1, by design studio frost design. However I feel that as an assessment, this is probably not the best way to go as it ma impact on the actual readability of the piece. However I would like to at least use it on the small intro section. Unfortunately it seem like it is going to be quite hard to stick to the 1000 word limit.


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