Typeface Icons

Create a set of icons using only Hervitca bold.

Use the knife tool in Illustrator to cut letters into pieces.
Do not change the letters’ scale and do not skew or distort them.
You can copy or reuse part of the letters.
Make eight icons.

Your icons should work together as a system (similar scale, level of detail, etc);
They should belong to the same ‘family’.

I chose animals as my theme, i figured it would be quite a challenge to create an icon that people could instantly recognise as the animal in question. I started off trying to keep the letters more or less intact, or at the very least recognisable. While this was ok, it limited what i could do.

On my second attempt i used the knife tool more, but tried to not over use it as i felt the fact that i could carve the fonts up to a far extent sort of defeated the object of how i wanted to portray the brief. Therefore i again tried to keep the text fairly legible. I even attempted to leave small gaps to help distinguish the letters, but in some cases this really distracted from  the design.

Here is a scan of some rough ideas:

Here is my final family:

While the animals do vary from a duck to a elephant, i do still class them under the animal family. Also the penguin to an extent is fairly different style to the rest of the animals, but to make it recognisable it had to be done like this (+ i was told i HAD to include an penguin, thx)

To finish it off i also added some tree’s to the image, following the same brief.

Something extra that i loved:
While looking around hte internet i came across an amazing collection of images created from text that i had to share, unfortunatly i could not proiduce similar without scaling the typeface, which was against the brief. I could have carved up the font using the knife, but again felt this was a cheap fix.

This is very cool!


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