Assessment 1 | Why i chose

I wanted to include some personal elements in my manifesto, to make it personal to me. I decided to achieve this by adding a few little elements to the manifesto itself.

I wanted to incorporate a snippet of C++ code into my manifesto to show my appreciation for not only gaming, but my interest in the development and design of them. This snippet of code is actually from one of the very first games many moons ago, although obviously changed slightly to allow me to use it properly.

Gaming quote:
I also wanted to include a homage to one of my favorite gaming series’ Team Fortress. Developed by valve, it started off many moons ago as a simple mod for Quake, and blossomed into a full series. I have been playing since the mid 90’s and it is still a large part of my background. I have met many friends through gaming and felt i should make some sort of nod towards it.

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