Work so far…

Work Layout
I decided to follow a theme for my research, i feel it makes it look much better following a uniform theme that brings the entire project together. As my chosen clip is from the Valve game Portal 2. I first drew out a basic page layout in my sketch book.

It is based upon Valve’s Portal theme, with a person going through the orange and blue portals. I liked the design however i felt it encroached a little too much onto the work space. Also as it was hand drawn each time it was very time consuming.

I then decided to redraw my design in Adobe Illustrator, this enabled me perfect the simple design and keep it much more uniform aswell as allow for me to edit the typeface used if needed and vastly improved my time useage as i can now quickly load up my base_layout and add the required title and research. I feel this helps bring my work together and adds to the presentation of my work.

As you can see the design is fairly similar, however i have changed the layout to give greater space for actual work, whilst still keeping the theme i wanted. The images are all drawn in Illustrator and are vector images, meaning i can adjust the scale as needed, while keeping the sharp quality. I also added a subtle vignette to the page to really catch the eye and focus it where the info is to be placed.
The title is also done in the font i chose to use predominantly in my artifact, to further expand upon my theme. I also tried to follow the Golden rule of layout, placing object on the intersections when the page is dived into  3rd’s.

While some may argue that this is too simple, i am keen to follow the KISS concept with my work, as less if often more. On a side note i designed the page based on the standard A4 paper size allowing for bleed, the idea behind this is that it would make it alot easier to then print off my work if need be, or that i can simply print of off a blank page in order to work on it by hand.

What is Kinetic Typography?

What is After Effects?

Examples of Kinetic Typograhpy
Older pages with links:

*use above links for actual hotlinks to the items

*use above links for actual hotlinks to the items

Playing with AE

3D layer perspective:

3D layer flip text:



Creative Typefaces

Links to examples of unique and creative typefaces (in web)

Initial font research


Transcript, vector images, animations & initial colour sceme ideas…s-colour-ideas/

A wee indication of things i am currently working on, but are not yet ready to post.


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