Project Layout

Work Layout
I decided to follow a theme for my research, i feel it makes it look much better following a uniform theme that brings the entire project together.

The design is inspired by the work of Frank Miller’s Sin City. I can now quickly load up my base_layout and add the required title and research. I feel this helps bring my work together and adds to the presentation of my work.

As you can see the design is fairly similar, however I have changed the layout to give greater space for actual work, whilst still keeping the theme I wanted. The images were taken from my stock folder and adjusted (experimented with) to create a Sin City feel. I also added a subtle vignette to the page to really catch the eye and focus it where the info is to be placed.

The title is also done in the font I chose to use predominantly in my artefact, to further expand upon my theme. I also tried to follow the Golden rule of layout, placing object on the intersections when the page is dived into 3rd’s.

I am keen to follow the KISS concept with my work, as less if often more. On a side note I designed the page based on the standard A4 paper size allowing for bleed, the idea behind this is that it would make it a lot easier to then print off my work if need be, or that I can simply print of off a blank page in order to work on it by hand.


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