Basic ideas to consider

Basic Keyframe Velocity

(motion trail) more spaced out = faster moving
select keyframe > anmation > keyframe assistant > easy ease (F9)

Adv Keyframe Velocity (graph)

make a realistic turn speed
graph edior (yellow sq = keyframe)
time – + vs rotation – +
use ‘easy ease’ button for bezial curves (more you pull them out, the more severe the turn)

Holding and Roving Keyframes

keyframe > animation > toggle Hold keyframe

Roving: (even out animation)

select ‘position’  >  triangle on graph (rove across time)

Auto Orient and The Wiggler

select propertie for all key’s > layer > transform > auto oriant > oriant along path!

Open wiggler panel:
select frames > goto menu > spatial or temporal (temp = time, does over time) (spatial = space, as moves)

Blending Modes



covers up vid
open comp in layers panel, drag untill can see ‘render’ button
control T on mask layer to move it

can use pen tool
ctrl+alt click = change to straight point

Editing Mask Properties

mask feather
mask opacity
mask expansion

mask path

Luma Matte (F4)

on vid file select luma matte
(changes black and white image into mask, WHITE = seethrough)
matte goes ONTOP of the vid file

INVERT lumo matte

select matte effects > color correction > levels = grye lvls of matte

move black arrow to make the dark grey pixels black = more detail
white  = changes light grey to white = less detail

effects and presets -> tint = BW clip
effects and presets -> contrast up, for sharp BW img


layer > new > camera

cam settings, enable DEPTH OF FIELD
can sub or add to blur lvl

Animate cam

transform: auto orient


3D layer
file new light


check CAST SHADOW!!!!!
material options on item to cast shadow > shadows on

Text along path

select text, pen tool, draw path >text >path options>path>first margin

animate> pos>range selector> start end offset = cool fall effect

on animator 1 click add:
opacity to 0

Scale + Blur    start, end, offset
Adv > shape = RAMP up
+ anchor point of letter effected


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