Developing my ideas

Sketch of 1st idea: Idea behind it is being Lonely… and the reasons for being lonely, in this case the emotion comes from being excluded from everyone, or the ‘groups’

There is a clear speration of ‘lonely’ from the rest of the text, and by using THE SAME font the viewer gets a stronger sense of the exlusion.

Unfortunately my scanner has decided to die so am suck using an old dslr with bad lighting.

This is my initial brainstorm of ideas and directions to take with my conceptual piece.

I started with the basic emotions and ideas that i liked, ‘sadness, grief, depression, lonely’ and spread out from there.

I posed the questions, ‘what makes us sad?‘ ‘what do we do?‘ ‘how does it affect us?‘ ‘why do we get sad?’  ‘colours assosiated’ etc

From these questions I developed my final ideas, ‘what makes us sad?’ being hurt, pain, films, break ups….

‘what do we do?’ hide, cry, recluse, get angry/moody/sharp, put up decences/barriers (hair example), slow down pace, dark, withdraw…

‘colours’ desaturated, black and white, grey scale, blue’s, dark moody…

This image show how from just using the word ‘sad’ to portray the feeling, i wanted to use a simple phrase, or idea to portray the idea tothe viewer as i felt simply using the word and a tear effect was too simple, and not very sophisticated. I really like the idea of using a phrase to portray he emotion.

This is my most developed ideas, from my background research i came up with 3 good directions to take. I used 3 different aspects of being ‘sad’:

Edgy/sharp – how people behave when sad, they get edgy/sharp with people, i want to reflect this in the destruction of the text.

Defences/barriers – building upon the last idea, i pursued it further, into how people put of defences or barriers when sad and upset.

Excluded – how you feel alone and secluded


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