THE final image

I think this will be my final image, i feel the idea is strong and conceptual, its looks good and meets the brief

The tears express the sadness of the emotion from the point of the hurt felt by the person getting the hastily written letter. Again the fact that the letter is messy gives the impression that it was not overly cared about by the writter, adding to how we emphesise with the person who recieves it.

On the flip side it can also give the impression that the letter is so hurtful and deep meaning to the reciever that they have kept hold of it, the coffee stains indicate that they have spent many an hour re-reading and pondering it.

I feel this works well as an emotional piece, i tried to further emphesise the emotion by reducing the opacity of the other text slightly, also it appears larger in size then the rest of the text, adding to its importance.

I based the layout on the rule of 3rds, and from the natural flow of top left to bottom right.

I decided against landcape orientation as to me it felt more like a portrait, also i felt it read and looked better (more like a traditional letter)


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