Term 2 – Assignment 2 | 002 Ideas

I literally have so many epic ideas on my head that i cannot choose. I will in the end work towards all of them at some point in my own time.


WoW short story: Using a mixture of animation a footage captured in game and or on private servers create a short story reflecting the battle between the Horde! and the Alliance.

I began looking into tools to capture animations and make custom animations for my project, while it is quite complicated i feel it works really well. I can animate the model against a green screen making it easy to incorporate my own take on the world and special effects.

Using tools such as 3dsmax i started playing around with models and animating them. I found the tool WoW Machinima Tool and WoW Model Viewer to be both extremely helpful. Using the model viewer i can save the WoW models into a format for 3dsmax to use, rig them up and animate them. i can then import this into Model Viewer and capture on a green/blue screen.

Unfortunately 1minute is doubtful enough for an epic movie, tho i could to a trailer for it.


SC II Machinima

Similar to the WoW idea, only set in the SC universe, again using screen capture and interwinding a story. alternativly i could go the propaganda direction (ala startship troopers)

Using the ingame map editor i was able to script the camera and maps to create scenes for my footage as well as edit models.


More ideas

Again similar to SC2 and WoW, i experimented with the Source Capture Tool to film in game footage for Team Fortress 2, again i was then easily able to animate back through the video as i saw fit, meaning i could create entire scenes by myself no problem.




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