Term 2 – Assignment 2 | 006 Experimentation

After my initial play around with the WoW, SC2 and Valve film makers i have not decided to try some animation with the “cut out” style. I have a rough concept on paper and wanted to try some styles out. I think the use of 3d elements, lighting will be very important to me to help get the style i have in mind across.

Merge 3D effects: i wanted to try and use some 3D explosion / debris i made using 3DSMAX into my animation to make it really pop and add a 3rd dimention to the 2D esque style.

Wall Shatter:

Little animation: space flight, just to see if i could still use AE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtRoXRvBeAk&list=UUc_YD_38o63252Gb4bGqbaw&index=7&feature=plcp

Cut out style:

Cut out Style II: really love the paralax effect i made in this.

Particle effects:

80’s Public service announcement:

SOPA cut out animation, focus on lighting:


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