Term 2 – Assignment 2 | html5 standards

This term we moved onto using Adobe Dreamweaver rather then a basic text editor such as Notepad++

Start of by defining the site in Dreamweaver
Site > New Site (Adv tab)

Make sure you are using the correct doctype for html5 <!DOCTYPE html>

Dreamweaver makes adding links and images much simpler

highlight the word > link box in menu > browse to file, or # for dummy

Img Link:
same as above, can use picwic
img > absolute link (http://www&#8230;

CSS Style Panel

When working on a website, it is still good to consider the Golden Rule, or rule of 3rds for the styling.

960px is the standard witdth. So for a standard layout, it would be 2/3  for the main content, 1/3 for the side bar – 593 – 367

Starting CSS

/*sets the default padding nad margin of the browser to 0*/

NEW CSS Elements

<header> </header>
<footer> </footer>
<nav> </nav>
<section> </section>
<aside> </aside>

when using the new html5 elements you must add the following to the css

footer, header, nav, section, aside{


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