The brief can be found here

“We require you to produce a set of three typographically-focused A2 outdoor posters (landscape or portrait) that act as a three month advertising campaign for Ministry of Sound’s iconic London event ‘Saturday Sessions’. The posters should communicate a clear conceptual theme or idea based around the club or the music, however, this can be as literal or as abstract as you like. Some guidance is given on content, logos and colour, but type choice and size is entirely down to you. Remember that these posters need to communicate the dates, the DJs and brand very clearly and concisely so typography should strike a balance between expression, experimentation and legibility. These posters are normally seen in outdoor sites and often viewed from a moving vehicle so impact is key.

Brand personality

Whatever Ministry of Sound does, it has authority, it is epic and it is global. Whenever it does, it delivers a pioneering, iconic experience.

Target audience

Ministry of Sound attracts clubbers and dance music lovers from all walks of life, with an average age of around 18-30. A night at Saturday Sessions will be the highlight of their month and will be something that they will plan well in advance.


Ministry of Sound in London is the most iconic nightclub venue in the world, run by passionate people with electronic music in their soul. 21 this year, it has the best sound system, the biggest DJs and the friendliest, most down-to-earth vibe. It’s your perfect night out where you can lose yourself in an atmosphere unlike anywhere else.


Upload an image of each execution. Please see the Formatting Guidelines PDF for more information.”

Key Points i got from the brief:

  • Three typography based posters are required to advertise three months worth of Saturday Sessions at the London Ministry of Sound nightclub
  • The posters must be A2 and can be portrait or landscape
  • The posters are to be displayed outdoors
  • They must be conceptual, the concept can be literal or abstract
  • They will be viewed from moving vehicle so impact is key
  • The target audience is 18-30 year-olds

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