Reaction to Brief

2000 word essay comparing something new that stems from something old. Show how everything has an influence (media).


is a concept that encompasses a wide range of ideals and practices. It is not a philosophical movement in itself, but rather, incorporates a number of philosophies that can be considered ‘postmodern’, the most familiar include feminism and post-structuralism. Put another way, postmodernism is not a method of doing philosophy, but rather a way of approaching traditional ideas and practices in non-traditional ways that deviate from pre-established superstructural modes. This has caused difficulties in defining what postmodernism actually means or should mean and therefore remains a complex and controversial concept, which continues to be debated. The idea of the postmodern gained momentum through to the 1950s before dominating literature, art and the intellectual scene of the 1960s. Postmodernism’s origins are generally accepted as having being conceived in art around the end of the nineteenth century as a reaction to the stultifying legacy of modern art and continued to expand into other disciplines during the early twentieth century as a reaction against modernism in general.

In its most basic form, postmodernism is an intentional departure from the previously dominant modernist approaches such as scientific positivism, realism, constructivism, formalism, metaphysics and so forth. In a sense, the “postmodernist” approach continues the critique of the Enlightenment legacy, fundamentally seeking to challenge the traditional practices and intellectual pillars of western civilization just as the Enlightenment challenged tradition, theology and the authority of religion before it.


  • Music – Vinyl, Tape, CD, Mp3, Stream
  • Movies – Remakes ie The Thing, The Karate Kid (2010) dir. Harald Zwart – The Karate Kid (1984) dir. John G. Avildsen
  • News – Newspapers, Twitter, Ipad (digital)
  • Socialising – Pub/coffee, Facebook, Online (wow?)
  • Gaming – Old School Gaming Systems (C64) , PS3
  • Shopping – Highstreet/Market – Online
  • Technology – Appliances, (huge – tiny)

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