Research | Ministry of Sound Design

These are some examples of existing Ministry of Sound posters i found in order to get an idea of the sort of production values and style they usually aim for:

The MoS posters make alot of use of vibrant colours it seems, as well as bold contemporary typography. They use elements like 3D text to make the poster leap out at the viewer and to be as loud as possible. The posters seem to reflect the music and energy of the nights that you expect with a nightclub.

They also make a large focal point of the MoS logo, which would be a key aspect of the design it would seem. Really promote the fact that its not just a nightclub… it is a Ministry of Sound nightclub.

I really like the black and white poster with the inverted text, i think it looks very trendy and really lept out at me compared to the vibrant blob of other posters.


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