Research | MoS Background

History and Background

  • Ministry of Sound started with the nightclub but then created a record label in 1995.
  • The record label produces many compilations of dance music as well as “The Annual”
  • Ministry of Sound Radio streams continuously on the website
  • There are now a range of branded products available including clothing, music systems, fragrance and portable technology to name a few


  • The London club first opened in 1991 and is located is Southwark
  • The club concept focused on sound first, lights second, design third, the reverse of most club priorities
  • Had the UK’s first 24 hour dance licence
  • Became popular despite not having an alcohol licence for the first three years
  • Hosts popular DJ’s as well as varying party nights and private hire availability
  • The club has five main areas: The box and baby box, the VIP area, the loft and the bar. The box has a state-of-the-art sound system, a specially designed roof to contain the sound and a sprung floor too allow clubbers to dance for longer
  • The club offers discounted entrance for students and uses student ambassadors across London universities to attract a student following

 Saturday Sessions

  • The clubs headline night, accompanied by the Radio stations flagship Saturday sessions show.
  • The Saturday sessions usually feature a DJ set from well-known dance acts or DJ’s

When considering the most important background knowledge to influence my posters I would say that the original and iconic clubbing experience, its wider scope as a brand and record label and its position as a premier location with the UK’s first 24-hour dance licence should be factors on my design.

I feel i should play on the fact that it was the UK’s first 24 hour dance licence and that is is an iconic brand for music lovers. For the saturday sessions, enthesise the guest DJ’s  and radio station

Not to menthion their 20th birthday in sept


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