Research | Posters and Style for inspiration:

These are posters for different events to help guide a style

There are alot of similarities in the designs of these club posters. They tend to be high contrasting neon or cosmos themed background. Alot of black, magenta, and yellow in terms of colour schemes.

I would like to stay away from this “default” style club poster as it will not allow my poster to stand out from the crowd or in my opinion meet the brief.

The hi-tech aspect of most club nights is reflected through the posters, they tend to have a futuristic ‘energy’ ‘electric’ feel to them.

I like the use of imagery to add interest and draw the eye, although in terms of conveying the poster information I find this counterproductive. My favourite example is the Club NME poster as the text is bold, clear and draws you in, also it works well alongside the retro, classic feel of the poster.


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