We have not really had much luck with group work done so far on this course, someone has either not pulled their weight or contributed as much as others. We have been having trouble getting together to discuss ideas.

We all had foundations of possible stories, from a comedy sketch, thriller, and action.

Original Idea:

Comedy sketch, as surreal as possible. Cats vs humans.

2nd Idea:

Thriller based upon am insane asylum during the 2nd world war, something happened at the start of the film, we then go back and play through the events as they unfolded to find out what.

The Process That Followed:

Clearly, we knew neither story is great, hard to shoot and maybe hard to shoot. Again we struggled as a group to come to a clear decision.

Points bought up:

  1. Avoid speaking where ever possible- None of us have acting experience and bad acting can bring down the entire film.
  2. We wanted a twist to shock the Audience.
  3. We will need at least 2 cameras to avoid having to re-shoot scenes (avoid continuity errors)
  4. Cheap to fund (all broke)

Things That Need Creating or Getting Hold Of:

  1. Cameras
  2. Sound equipment
  3. Props
  4. Costume
  5. Lighting equipment
  6. Location

Next Step:

  1. Finalise script and make sure we are all 100% on where it goes and why it goes there
  2. Designate roles | everybody will be doing there bit, so we shall give jobs to each of us. Where we are a small group, each will have a quite few.
    e.g. Some are more willing to go on camera than others and some have more knowledge of lighting. We will acknowledge these points to make the most effective choices
  3. Scout locations

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