More examples from MOS

In these examples there is a clear theme in the posters they have chosen, dark base with clear contrasting text. Again the typography is for the most very clean with only the title and DJ names stylised. Normal set of colours and tones with different areas of text emphesised. I also noticed the use of patterns on the backgrounds. i would like to explore this idea more.

This is an outdoor poster for MoS at a bus stop, it makes use of very eye catching colors, bold design. The text is clear and easy to read with the main names much larger then the rest to catch the eye. The MoS logo is very large and instantly recognisable from a distance. It reminds me of an ipod, very modern, clean, functional.

This is the saturday sessions halloween weekend poster, similar to my idea they have added a holloween theme onto the poster with the colors and images included.


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