Final Script

Here is the final script, it is a large change from the last script, but we feel this will be much easier to shoot and due to the nature of the script.

The story is also more surreal and closer to our original ideas

After some discussion we also came up with a few good ideas for extra shots to add into the back and forth sections between the two chars, such as the chess scene, These work well to break up the close up back and forth sections from dragging.

Location wise this script is very simple, we only really need to use a field we found near the campus

As we are shooting during the day we did not need too much extra lighting, we only planned on using a bouce board to defuse some of the light evenly across the char

We plan on borrowing a mic and boom to capture the sound, in our sound tests the mic plugged into the D600 captured the sound perfectly without the need of a filter as we felt the extra sounds of the birds added to the scenes.

We only really needed a small piece of pre shot effects added to the film, the couch in the field. while we could have done this with a real couch, it was not practical.

Just items bought from home, dressing gown etc

Again made at home or bought from, knife/box

Equip to Borrow:
Mic Sennheiser
Digital SLRCanon
Boom Generic
Tripod (Small)Velbon


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