Dev MoS Concept

After a critique in class to day a few ideas were bought up

I now have my old collection of records that i can use break and take real photographs, rather then rough mock ups with questionable stock images.

Ideas to Develop

  • Use of other items? possibly headphones, speakers… other brand related equipment
  • or to use different records, in a similar design, but with an iconic record label from in the 21 years of MoS.
  • Typography
  • It was agreed that the poster worked better at an angle, i felt more like it was drawing the viewer into the brand / more inviteing – adds depth
  • Use of colours to capture people
  • More random breaks in the record concept, less “clinical” – to have more of a random chaotic vibe, to portray the atmosphere
  • Background texture/img
  • Landscape vs Portrait
  • Font size for different areas of the poster / add weight
  • Narrative – why broken; atmosphere, sound, bass, crazyness
  • Different items; headphones + wires etc

Experiment with various ideas!


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