Day One of Filming

We seem to spend most of the day waiting for the weather to stop raining so we could go out into the field we found to shoot in. Sadly this took alot longer then we though and we lost most of the day.

When we finally got to the field it was a bit grey and wet but the lighting was ok for shooting. We knew roughly what bits we were shooting and the order of them to shoot it.

Unfortunateltely i am NOT AN ACTOR and totally sucked at learning the lines, i did not help that i realyl did not want to be on camera in the 1st place, however with such a small group i had to step up.

Other then the lack of acting skills, it seemed to go faily well, getting all of the shots for the different charecters done in one go. This was important as we did not know if the weather would hold up, the lighting, or the camera battery.

With such as small group we did struggle to use all of the equip properly as most of the time there was only one free person to operate the camera / lighting / sound equipment

This ment setting up the shots, filming everything then resetting the scenes up, re aligning  the camera.

We did manage to get all of our footage done, altough i suspect the quality would be some what lacking.


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