Group Work

I think that it is safe to say that we did not really work well together. We struggeld to keep in contact with some members who were absent alot of the time. None of us were particularly keep to be on camera, or had experiance.

While i do love working on films, this method was NOT at all to my taste. I work much better working with close friends on project we are all really into.

We did somewhat doll out the roles but this doesn’t mean that we didn’t all try our hand at other things, but I think it really helped the efficiency that we worked at, to have 4 key areas and someone in control of each one.

We did have a few issues and disagreements as a group though.


We had to go through many scripts and group rearrangements to get to the final script, as most of the time we were working as a 2, then 3, then 2 again.

Once we had a story we thought about what props we would need and go them all together. Majority of them were things we had laying about and cost nothing.


I would MUCH rather have been the other side of the camera as I would have liked to have had more imput into the filming then i did. Although I did help, being in front of the camera limited the chance I had to actually be in control of shooting anything.

I think this process, which we initially planned 2 days for, took longer than it needed to due to the weather and inability to find time when we could all get together to film as our group varied from broadstairs to medway, as well as working around our jobs (bills to pay)

Overall Process

If I were to do this again I would make sure that every single detail was ironed out to avoid last-minute problems. We struggled as a group and the filming was rushed due to the weather and other time restraints. And I think this is apparent in the final piece…

Overall i like working on film, however i have very different tastes to other people and in the interest of getting along and geting things movies i didnt express myself as i should have. It was a frustrating process, and alot of mistakes that i would defo avoid again.

While i like working with groups, i feel that our vest differeces really hindered our progress, and i would have had a much greater result if i were to work again with other friends.

Also i really really hate being infront of the camera. No really i do..

I think i’ll stick to animation and or filming with people who like being on camera  / share my artistic direction / sense of humour


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