Feedback & Responce

In resonce to the feedback i got a few concerns and elements came up, some i knew about, some are new ideas to persue.


  • Font size
    too small, even on A2 poster.
  • Background
    too plain? i quite liked the brushed steel
    Try patterns
  • ‘Randomness’ of the breaks
    experiment with breaks in more natural pattern, or to convey a narrative
  • Other images:
    headphones, decks, cables
  • Portrait vs landscape
    experiment, may help font size
  • Typography
    Find suitible font style, must be easy to read, clear for the main information
    Header text can be stylisyed but still readable, portray theme of the design
  • Photo
    Need better lighting / quality
  • Narrative
    Why is the record broken? the atmosphere, sound, bass, party
  • Colours
    While i have stuck to the given colour palette. i have gone more towards a BW monocrome feel as i believe this adds some class to the design, and makes it a bit different. I have used a subtle hint of the colours, mainly in the text, but the background is actually coloured slightly.
  • 3 x Posters
    Different items in photo? colour, record label from iconic music from within the 21 years of MoS

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