D & AD Summary

I was happy with my final design and managed to get it complete for the D & AD deadline so i could submit them. After some several weeks of helpful critiques i was able to add in the final tweaks to the design in order to make it really work.

While the basic design was mostly finished it was mainly tweaking the positions of a few of the elements on the page. The most problematic area of the post was that the september poster had an extra week of information to add to the post, meaning that i had to accomodate this space into the design to keep my layout similar between them all.

Originally i had mocked up the design for my poster in Photoshop, while this allowed me to easily move about and try ideas it was a hinderance as far as adding the text was concerned. Due to the fact PS is pixel based eather then vector, it tended to make the text look blurred and aliased.

This was further compounded by the fact that i like the design in portrait, leaving little space for the information, so it was far too small, and looked even worse with the pixel rendering. I then started to use vector based typography from Illustrator, this worked much better, and was much cleaner.

Unfortunately the layout seemed far too floaty, and without purpose. After a critique i decided to move all of the design work into Adobe Indesign. This was much better, i was able to split the page into guides and grids, controlling the gutter and margins. This made it much better the line up all the elements onto the page creating a real sence of place and belonging. It was very noticable compared to working with Photoshop, and would highly recommend working with Indesign.

The graphics were captured using a Cannon 600D camera and placed into photoshop. Here i as able to remove the original record labels and create six different labels from iconic records withing the 21 years of Ministry of Sounds.

To create the breaks in the records i actually used scissors to cut them into four pieces, as i would cut the records they would splinter and crack in a realistic way. This was much easier then snapping them and game me much more control over the breaks.

It was difficult to stick to the colour pallette provided, i felt it was somwhat limiting to my design process, tho in the end i did not really mind hte colours and felt that they really did represent MoS.

I descided to angle my design at 15 degree angle, i felt this gave it a more dynamic, stylish look. I feel it worked really well, and was not at all like a generic club poster, which is what i was aiming for. It communicated the all the required information well, was eye catching, clearly a MoS product, and to me, looked good.

If i was to change one aspect of the design, it would be the typography. While i did create a heirachy of text, the style of the typography was a little plain. While i felt it was more important to be READABLE, i would have like for at least the main title to have been stylised somewhat. Originally i did toy with the idea of using typefaces from the 90s, 00s and 10s, but felt the font that i had access to detracted from my design. Tho the theory behind the design was sound.

All in all i am somewhat pleased with the final design, i felt that i learnt alot about layout and the design process, as well as how valuable critique sessions are. I really enjoyed the brief, altough part of me wishes i experimeted more with a motion graphics brief. The Little White Lies brief was tempting, altough for the love of me i can not draw faces, and i am not too sure my dark/gothic style would have gone down well for them.

I would have like to expore the narrative behind the poster more, i liked the idea of breaking the record into 21 pieces, 1 of every years of Ministy of Sounds. However in practice, more breaks looked somewhat messy. But i feel with better planning and my new scissor technique this would have been really good angle to take.

I would have also liked to have experimented with more object rather then the records, as shown in my research.



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