Feedback Review

We were not happy at all with the end result, we were plagued by problems like weather, lack of availability, small group, shy actors.

Ideally we would like to reshoot the whole piece as due to only 2 of us working on the filming, doing the lighting, camera, acting and sound it was very difficult to get it looking right. The background are all very similar as it was not practical for the 2 of us to move the camera  and have to reset all the lighting and sound gear.

With a larger group it would have turned out alot better, rather then us having to guess the scene framing and run into the shot to film it aswell, making sure we are in the light and near the mic.

The idea was good, however it wasn’t executed as well as we would have liked.



3 Minute Short Film

The narrative behind our 3 minute short film ‘Space Time’ is based off the introduction to the third Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy book, ‘Life, the Universe and Everything’.

Originally, as in the book, the main character lived in a cave on pre-historic Earth. We had to change this in our script because of location restrictions. In ‘Space Time’, instead of living in a cave, Arthur lives in a forrest.

Each team member played an equal part in the production of our film, although it was difficult with only three of us. Having only one person to operate the camera and boom for much of the time made getting shots with camera movement tricky to film.

The original script for this film was 8 pages long. We recorded the entire script on the shoot day, but had to cut out some parts to shorten the length to around 3 minutes 30 seconds.

Due to the weather on the day of the shoot, some b-roll footage such as reaction shots and cut-aways was not recorded. This meant that in the final edit, there are jumps where the recording was cut up, that have no reactions or cut-aways to fill in the gap.

There was an issue with the kit we used to film. During editing we discovered that the microphone was not working correctly and had only recorded the left audio channel. This meant that when editing we had to make the audio mono, not stereo.

The length restriction also meant that the ending is more abrupt. Instead of steadily reaching a climax, the ending seems to suddenly appear.

The back and fourth between the two characters was shot in a way inspired by Channel 4′s Peep Show.

Whilst I do not think this film is near perfect, with the time constraints on both length of the film, and time to produce, I think the film is adequate.


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