For my design i took insperation from other site i had seen and posted about and decided to create a virtual desktop. It thinks in with my concept really well, as well as playing to the strong points of my unique jquery arrangement.

I started off with a simple top down desktop, i used a wood stock image for the floor from my stock collection, and added a grid overlay, similar to design paper. i then grunged it up with my tablet and pen.

Viewing it in firefox it seemed to work quite well even as a single large image.

I then decided against the top down view and wanted more of a 3d perspective to the image, i felt it looked more realistic and stylish. I started experimenting with adding objects to the table top as well as plotting out the areas the brouser will stop at (red) and the paths.

I decided against the grid background as it really bumped up the size of the file. it also hindered any verticle tiling and drew attention to the quality of the image.

This is my final background image, it is rather large but has better performance and file size then spreading out all of the image into seperate overlays. I felt this is a good compromise over size and quality. I love the grungey feel and the contrast between photo and illustration. I also feel it really works with the book and theme of the page with the litte details and scribbles.


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