html & CSS

My goal for the html side of the site is to make sure that it is valid and tidy. Also from what we have been learning in lessons i want to make sure that i write the markup for html5, including using the newer block sections such as ‘nav’ ‘footer’ ‘article’ ‘section’.

In order to keep my Jquery working i need to keep the naming policy on some of the sections written with the # tag but im sure that will not effect validation

Ao far so good. All written in Notepad++ by hand

Again like the html i would like the CSS to validate, however with some of the extra css3 effects i want to use i dont think it will. But again i plan to keep it organised and neat. Using comment tags to keep track of setting and jsut give useful information to who ever looks at it.

As i use alot of layers on my website i decided to start using z-index attribute early on the important pieces. Starting with 10, and increasing in 10’s it insured that i have enough space inbetween for if i need to add some layers in later without having to rearrange all the layers.


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