Additional Considerations for site

To keep the design personal to me, and of the quality i want i had to design with a high resolution in mind. 1920×1080. While this size is getting more and more the normal. According the my reseach in, January 2012 – 8.1 % of Browser Displays where 1920×1080. with 1366×768 holding 18.7%

However 1920×1080 has been increasing dramaticly year for year, so i am kinda going for the future market too.

Most computers today have a screen resolution higher than 1024×768 pixels. – 85.4 %

While my site does work at lower resolutions, you loose alot of the little details of site, mainly the graphics and little personal touches. But functionaly it is fine.

Due to the nature of site design, scalability will always have been a problem, specificly mobile and small monitors.

To get around the mobile issue i could ass a seperate mobile CSS, but as mobile is not my target audience, and the text is still viewable as it is just plain html, i am happy. I would rather them have to log onto a computer, rather then kill the overall experiance of my site.

Screen Resolution

Statistics for Higher Screen Resolutions


Browser Compatability

I have tested my site on all of the main browsers, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Internet Eplorer and the site works well, apart from the css 3 effects in IE

My browser of choice is Firefox so i made sure that 100% of the site worked well for this. I feel that as it is a site for me and about me that this is justified and adds to the personal feel of the site.

Obviously it is important that people other then me can view the site so i did need it to work on others.

According to my research Chrome is currently the top browers (37.3%) compared with Firefox (36.3%)


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