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Download speed – Site Size

The report notes that 30% of broadband users in the UK experienced speeds of over 5Mbps (up from 25% in Q1), while 91% achieve above 2Mbps (up from 89% in Q1) and just 0.6% suffered speeds of less than 256Kbps (unchanged from Q1).


Akamai has released its latest State of the Internet Q2 2011 report and found that the average global broadband ISP download speed has increased to 5.0Mbps (up from 4.6Mbps in Q1), which ranks us as 25th fastest in the world.


It should be said that Ofcom UK’s latest fixed line broadband ISP speeds study (here) put the national average at a considerably more respectable 6.8Mbps, which is well above Akamai’s estimate. A number of similar UK based surveys have posted even higher results, although Pando Networks (another CDN like Akamai) estimated that we were actually closer to 4.69Mbps (here). Swings and roundabouts.

With this information i feel much better about the larger size of my site, but also sad that my internet is well below the avg download speed, must be why i keep loosing at SC2!

Even on my sub par internet the site only takes a few seconds to load, I would like to add a loading image to the site, but feel adding more code will really just bog down the performance more then needed.

My Site at Diff Resoultions:

as you can see you loose alot of he details and extras, but the ste still functions in the same way, just less epicly

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