I feel that my site really came together well and goes well with  the concept of the book, while being different.

I like the design and how it works together, everything from the table to the little doodle images hidden around. It gives the viewer something to look for rather then a plain text website. The animations are smooth and crisp, the vignette works well if the computer can handle it.

If i could i would further look into ways to reduce the performance issues and files sizes. However i feel when the attributes are properly supported it will work alot better.

I would have liked to have had a bit more time in order to do some subtle stylish animations using after effects, little things like the calculator blinking or the little images moving. But again this would drasticly increase the size of the site.

While the site is on the larger size, i feel that with todays internet speeds its no problem at all.

I would have also liked to have experimented with illustration rather then photoshoping images. I think that would really have made it more personal.

All in all i think this site works really well for me, a site to show my creative process, well most of it. If i had more time i would add more pages, but as it is i already did more then the required 3.


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