Target Audience

The concept behind my book it quite personal, however i also want it to be relatable and readable by other designers. I have expanded upon my idea of the book and site being about purly my experiances, and instead have gone for a more satirical guide for designers, in the guise of Neil Gaimen almost.

Again as it is still personal to me, i want to keep the graphics in a style that i really like, kind of dark and grudgy. Again this is a reflection on the angle of my work coming out on the pages of the book spread, dark, moody.

Again as the target audience is other designers, i have been careful about how i space the pages, following the guides of Jan Tschichold for spacing and layout. as well as careful about the tracking and baselines.

I spent alot of tim experimenting with different layouts, different style of cannon, book, magazine, paper, gutters more colums etc


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