My Font aaMellon

As we know by now all font have to include the name of the creator to some extent (not really true) Henceforth my font will be known as…


I chose this name as the ” aa ” would mean that in most cases my font would be the first when listed in alphabetical order

The Mellon comes from my name Mellor mixed with a Melon. Because of its odd spelling and somewhat random name it kind of sticks out.

This is a wee animation i put together to showcase the use of my designed font:

I chose to concentrate on usign 3 varied stroke weights to create a kind of offset typeface. I also used a somewhat similar square look to all the letters and caps only.
No ascenders or descenders so to speak of.
Rounded corners and a somewhat uniform look to the letters, which extended to the ! and other chars.

It also felt kind of dark and sinister which lead me to my creepy slowed down 56k modem as the music!


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