Reflection on Design Practice Lecture and Group Feedback

I posted this to our grp board following the lecture to get some feedback on my ideas:
After todays lecture I kind of really liked the idea of a collective. Like some of the sites we saw.

Promote us a collective of the top level designers in our respective fields, print, web, motion, 3d, branding etc…

ie they choose us as we can offer the very best in all types of design, not just a ‘jack of all, master of none’

Emphasize that we are from different background and areas, have different ways of approaching problems, yet work as a collective with shared resources. Giving a better overview and end result.

Emphasize our work as high end collaborations, with experts in all fields banding together to deliver the most conceptual, artistic, user friendly, personalised solution possible.

Emphasize media mashups, we have experts in web, motion, type etc. So could have for example living websites, fully taking advantage of motiongraphics and type

Another approach could be to specialise in media mashups for example.

Market to EXISTING design companys, who for example dont have Type, Web or Conceptual experts, and offer to them what they are missing to solve a problem.

Market that we can give the best in however a project seems to be evolving, website needs to be more conceptual and less static? boom we got teams for that, decide that you might want some promo posters too? boom, got a team for that!

Again, not a jack of all, but a collective of of the top designers in their respective fields, offering you the creative imput of a skilled collective, aswell as industry leading experts for however the project evolves.

Also speaking to other people i know that there grps are considering specialising in areas, for example Will’s grp have alot of illustrators and motion, they are looking into specialising in brigning illustrations to life etc

hmmm this went on a bit, have a kirby <( ‘.’ )>

The feedback was positive and reafirming, the group really liked all the ideas. Especially the collective and aiming it at existing companies.

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