Our own Branding Brief

Above is our brief that we created in todays lesson. We need this brief to complete part of the assignment which is the logo/branding identity as a group. We all worked well and considered everyone’s input in the group when looking at word structure and sections of the brief. We all were thinking along the same lines, so creating the brief was quite simple to do. The only problem we had been finalising the brief as we were scared of waffling on, but our problem was we were being to broad with our brief. So we had to add elements to make us coming up with our own logo ideas that little bit easier and directed towards the intended retro feel/outcome of the 1960′s/1970′s that is the style we are looking to include in the web presence.

It is important to us to keep the theme strong and solid througout the project.

People associate “value” to old things. Remember, “old is gold”? When you amalgamate modern graphics with old design elements, it creates mesmerizing looks and instantly add value to your designs. Whatever business you may do, your target audience starts believing that you are in that business for decades and they can trust you completely.



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