Conceptual Typography

Conceptual art is art in which the concepts or ideas involved in the work take precedence over traditional aesthetic and material concerns.

I have got a brief to come up with 2 coneceptual ideas for 2 words I chose.

I can’t decide between:



  • Dictionary:
1. the act of repeating; repeated action, performance, production, or presentation.
2. repeated utterance; reiteration.
3. something made by or resulting from repeating.
4. a reproduction, copy, or replica.
5. Civil Law. an action or demand for the recovery of a payment or delivery made by error or upon failure to fulfill a condition.
  • Theasurus:

Alliteration, broken record, chant, chorus, copy, echo, encore, ingemination, iteracy, iterance, iteration, litany, paraphrase, periodicity, perseveration, practice, reappearance, recapitulation, recital, recurrence, redundancy, rehearsal, reiteration, relation, renewal, reoccurrence, repeat, repetitiousness, replication, report, reproduction, restatement, return, rhythm, rote, staccato, tautology.

  • Imagery:



  • Dictionary:
1. the act of eliminating.
2. the state of being eliminated.
3. Mathematics. the process of solving a system of simultaneous equations by using various techniques to remove the variables successively.
4. Sports. a game, bout, or match in a tournament in which an individual or team is eliminated from the competition after one defeat.
  • Thesaurus:

Cut, destruction, discard, displacement, dropping, ejection, eradication, exclusion, expulsion, extermination, omission, rejection, riddance, taking away, weeding out, withdrawa.

  • Imagery:


  • Dictionary:
1. to make a loud, clattering noise, as of something dashed to pieces.
2. to break or fall to pieces with noise.
3. (of moving vehicles, objects, etc.) to collide, especially violently and noisily.
4. to move or go with a crash; strike with a crash.
5. Aeronautics. to land in an abnormal manner, usually causing severe damage: The airliner crashed.
  • Thesaurus:

Blast, boom, burst, clang, clap, clash, clatter, clattering, crack, din, peal, racket, slam, smash, smashing, sound, thunder, thunderclap, wha.

  • Imagery:


  • Dictionary:
1. having a sensation of whirling and a tendency to fall; giddy; vertiginous.
2. bewildered; confused.
3. causing giddiness or confusion: a dizzy height.
4. heedless; thoughtless.
5. Informal. foolish; silly.


  • Thesaurus:

Addled, befuddled, bemused, bewildered, blind, blinded, dazed, dazzled, distracted, disturbed, dumb, dumbfounded, faint, gaga, giddy, groggy, hazy, light, muddled, off balance, out of control, punch-drunk, punchy, puzzled, reeling, shaky, slap-happy, staggered, staggering, swimming*, tipsy, unsteady, upset, vertiginous, weak in the knees, weak-kneed, whirling, wobbly, wooz.

  • Imagery:



This gave me a few different ways to approach the words in a more conceptual way, but given the strict parameters of the brief, it will still be quite difficult to come up with ideas that arnt basic and shallow.


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