Job Roles and Titles Within the Group

As i mentioned previously we were looking at existing design companys and their websites to measure how they presented themselves to the public and their clients. As a group we looked at these sites and judged them based on:

  • What did the branding us
  • Use of imagery
  • Overall aesthetics

Tomato: Collective Company. Summed it up that it looked like a blog  – a piece of student work. This is their aim as it was a principle of just because they can do it they don’t have to use it/apply it. They can do very effective corporate looking designs but they didn’t choose that look for themselves.

Pentagram: Partnership. The home page was all of the big organisers they have worked for, so rather arrogant but what they offer and create is bloody good!
– An archive of a lot of their work.

The general idea of getting us to do this was to key point existing successful agencies which were all unique in their own way but had different aims.

Collective, partnership and full service and from that we discussed about the importance of job titles and individual definition in a company/agency.

Job Titles:

Principal Owner: In charge of all the finance and business plans.

Creative Director: Responsible for the art director – what ideas and concepts go forward.

Art Director:Makes decisions on what visual elements are used which includes style and motion.

Senior Designer: A designer with plenty of experience and knowledge and has advanced skills. Has also a broad understanding of the market and delegates tasks to the junior designer.

Middle Weight Designer: Designer with a reasonable amount of skills but is still developing as a designer. Has experience and a genuine understanding of the market.

Junior Designer: A graduate/ someone starting out in the industry. Basic Skill and little experience. Normally given simple tasks to carry out as delegated by the senior designer.

Art Worker: Preparing the designs/ art work for print.

Production worker: Works in manufacturing – a production environment. Asembles, ships, inspects and test the product before being released.

Project Coordinator: planning and preparation – over seeing all projects and dealing with problems.Brings all the elements together.

We all worked well trying to define as short as possible these roles with the help of google. Two people were on computers and we carried out the task quickly and effectively.
Next we had to look up a load of websites and answer these three questions:


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