More Ideas for Conceptual Typography

Continuous line is a subtle and simple way of communicating expanse – communicating expanse involves showing movement and growth, which in this design is shown through the growing line which grows throughout the frame.

Although this piece of typography take a final 3D form, the idea of layering paper, and a gradual increase in height which is subtle yet overall is smooth and creates expanse. They layer of elements and building up of elements could be brought into my own work to show a gradual fall in letterforms layer by layer however it may prove too exspensive to use bristol board for.

This letterform is based on the concept of a magnetic field around a magnet and how particles react within this field, the design uses a monochromic colour scheme, the particles are densely packed together and expand outwards from the letter forms, the letter is created as a result of the magnet field and how the particles have react, the letterform is therefore created in negative space. I could consider these two concepts within my own work, form expanding from the letterform in relation to the charge of the magnets, – or +, subraction or addition.


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