Oranisation Chart Part I

In today’s lesson we looked at the different types of design companies e.g. collective, partnership, full service. We also looked at how particular agencies branded themselves. By looking at their websites we measured what our first impression of these companies was, was it professional, friendly, corporate, innovative, safe, unique etc.

We also looked on methods they used to sell themselves to clients – on their client base, or their location, or their style?

We looked at the different jobs involved in a successful agency, what each job involved, how many years experience they would have etc. We had to outline who we are, what our philosophy is, and what we specialise in.

We had to establish a job title for each member of the group, and a description of what we do. Then we have to design and produce an organisation chart with our names, job titles and area of specialism.

This is the Disney Organisational chart, It is similar to how I would like ours to look, reflecting us a collective rather then a corporate chain, soulless and uncreative. This is very much a non typical organisational chart.


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